1. True story.

    True story.

  2. kirimoth:

omg the new batman movie actually looks really good u guys


    omg the new batman movie actually looks really good u guys

  3. assassins-and-rookies:

    Women of Marvel, stand to unite! Fight for what you believe! We gain more power as our numbers slowly grow, so unite!

  4. Excuses for Raping Cersei


    Actual excuses I’ve read by online commenters regarding the RAPE of Cersei:
    - She made him
    - She wanted it
    - She wasn’t saying no to sex, just no to the location
    - They had a D/s relationship
    - They already engage in incest
    - Get over it. It’s HBO.
    - She said no, but her body language said yes
    - It’s a fantasy show!

    Feel free to add any ridiculous justifications you’ve seen.

    Seen all of the reasons above in comments plus:

    - It was the only way to make her sympathetic or to “redeem” her.

    - It was just bad direction that didn’t convey what the show’s makers actually meant.

    - The show reflects medieval values. It was viewed differently then.

    - It’s no worse or even “not as bad” as other violent or controversial stuff on this show.

    - She was an icy bitch who deserved it.

    And the icing on the big, rape apologist cake:

    - Women get raped in real life. It was “only” reflecting that. “Get over it!”

    I do think the show has made a huge misstep with this - one that has weakened two really interesting main characters - and it might not be fixable or forgivable. It depends how they approach it over the rest of the season(s).

    What has really sickened me is reading all those kinds of comments though. It’s worrying. Not to mention that people are posting the ones I’ve read from their FB and Twitter profiles so I assume their partners and maybe even mothers are reading it.
  5. An open fangirl letter to Directioners.

    An open fangirl letter to Directioners.

  6. rlottery:



    Sometimes I’m confused by Canadian stereotypes but then I realize that we literally dump maple syrup onto the snow, wait for it to get gooey and then scoop it up with a stick and eat it

    you better not be fucking with me canada is this for real

    it is all too real


    Reasons to live in Canada #576 - DIY Maple Syrup Slushies.

  7. ec-richard:

    I felt this really broke the fourth wall. It felt so personal. Matt Smith’s not going to forget one line of this script for the rest of his life. And he’ll remember this role…when the Doctor was him.

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