*BEGIN FANGIRL RANT* - I am a huge SVM/True Blood fan, and a Sooric shipper since book one, but I honestly don’t know if I want to be involved in the fandom community anymore. It has just gotten so ridiculously bitchy, negative and destructive and I really don’t have the energy for it.

I have my preferences but I’ve always tried to be neutral, constructive, SENSIBLE and on the whole enthusiastic on fan sites and blogs. I try to view it both as a fan and as someone who’s worked in TV/film since I was 16. You have to make some allowances for why things are added, changed or written a certain way occasionally and you can’t always be 100% happy with it…and that’s fine. But all this Alan Ball and Bill Compton are responsible for all the evils in the world stuff is just beyond ridiculous. It embarrasses me as a Trubie and as a human being.

As an Eric fan, I still happen to think Bill is a necessary foil and there are interesting things to talk about there but I don’t dare say that anymore. Yesterday I made a comment backing up someone’s speculations regarding the possible Eric/Sookie storyline for season 6 and was pro what they suggested yet I STILL got shot down by their reply. They still managed to bring it back to Bill and ranting about how they hate Sookie and blah, blah, I-just-want-to-bang-my-head-against-a-wall, blah!

The TB fan sites used to be about analysis, debate, entertainment and speculation…they used to be FUN. Now they just make me face palm, literally, I find myself slapping myself on the forehead. Some people just want a show that’s all Eric all the time (with some very occasional Pam and Lafayette thrown in). I’m sorry but that ain’t gonna happen. They’re not Trubies. They’re not Eric/Sookie shippers. I’m not even sure they’re decent Alexander Skarsgard fans. They’re “fans” of the worst, lowest common denominator sort…basically I wish they’d just bugger off with the constant commenting about how good he looks with his shirt off (he DOES but that’s hardly the only thing worth talking about), bitching about AS’s personal life and going on and on with their permanent Kill Bill rants because I don’t want to read it anymore. *END FANGIRL RANT*